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My views on a variety of topics. My slightly polemical side.

The Limits of Scholarship
Detroit is Not a Ruin
The End of TMI
Memory, Culture, and Franco-American Identity – Guest Post by David Vermette
Travel, Photography, and the Meaning of Life
What is the Future of Quebec?
Quebec Separatism, Encore?
More Ideas, Less Ideology
Believing in Small Steps

Choosing Leaders
Israel, Politics, and the New Partisan
Paved with Good Intentions
Voting Socialist

3 thoughts on “Ideas & Opinion

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    In the Prohibition era, close to the Windsor-Detroit border, Liesse, a young French-Canadian widow with a disabled son, learns to draw from her inherited obsessive overdrive which is part and parcel of her whiskey making family. By confronting the demons of murderous sibling rivalry, misguided love & family bankruptcy, she has a Réveillions, an ‘awakening’. Love, business and the two men that want her will never be the same. She is taking the driver’s seat to save her famiy’s business and introduce a premium brand into the market!
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  2. Klaudia says:

    Hi I found your blog by researching for French-Canadian speakers in Michigan. My company is currently searching for native French-Canadian speakers who would be interested in participating in a voice recognition project. It basically involved of reading commands from a script in French-Canadian and checking if the software recognizes those command.
    I would be very grateful if you could pass along my information to anyone who speaks the language and is interested in participating. Each person is needed for approximately 4 hours and we offer great compensation.
    Thank you in advance!

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