“Saint Kerouac” @ LeForum


June 24, 2016 by LeVoyageur

I am pleased to share my most recent writing, published on the University of Maine’s Le FORUM.


3 thoughts on ““Saint Kerouac” @ LeForum

  1. Maybe you are aware of the recent publication by Les Éditions Boréal of texts written in French by Jack Kerouac, La vie est d’hommage.

    Jean-Christophe Cloutier, who studied and prepared the publication of these texts, wrote a very interesting preface to these. Reading these texts is difficult for one who is not familiar with oral French, as spoken by our ancestors. These texts are also peppered with americanisms. Kerouac tried to express the oral qualities of his native language.

    For your information, this is what I published about this book a few days ago : https://fernancarriere.com/2016/07/23/apres-ca/ . You may reach me through the contact page in my blog, should you be interested. I would be interested in engaging a conversation with you, to address the questions that I raised in conclusion to my article.

  2. Lisa Michaud says:

    Bonjour James,
    I’m seeking articles for the upcoming issue of Le Forum….I would love to share your writings…looking forward to hearing from you!

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