‘ti Jean Kerouac’s “Semi-Iroquoian French-Canadian Accent”


March 9, 2016 by LeVoyageur

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4 thoughts on “‘ti Jean Kerouac’s “Semi-Iroquoian French-Canadian Accent”

  1. dohodongo says:

    that’s interesting! a Seneca friend heard my Mom talking to me and said, “wow! does she have a strong Mohawk accent! She sounds like XX’s Mom from Kahnewake!” Who knew?? LOL funny enough, my grandmother’s family is from Kahnewake but not many spoke Mohawk.

  2. mathieulbouchard says:

    What the hell does it have to do with any Iroquois language ? It’s merely a long back vowel as in much of France, except it has been diphtongised (and even this exception seems to have existed in France in the last century).

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