The Christmas Trees of Pelkie Field: A French Canadian Winter Tale


November 29, 2015 by LeVoyageur

Winter Days, 1985.jpg

In what has been a great family project, my brother has written and published a short story – available on Kindle. “The Christmas Trees of Pelkie Field: A French-Canadian Winter Tale” recalls life in the early 1970s in a large traditional family. Set in rural Northern Michigan, it tells the story of two brothers who set out after Thanksgiving to find the family Christmas tree in a nearby forest.

Based on the recollections of my brother Mike and embellished with my own memories (with copy-editing by Mike’s partner Tony), it brings to life the importance of simple family traditions and the place they hold in our memories. The story also connects back to days long before either of us were born, recalling the stories of our ancestors who lived and worked in the same places we walked on that snowy Winter’s day. Although the  people and places depicted in the story are accurate, we have used ‘literary license’ in creating this story.

Add this short story to your Kindle library and give it to your family and friends for Christmas! It is time that ‘storytelling’ became a part of Winter life again and the LaForest brothers are happy to share in building on this new/old tradition.  In addition to Kindle “The Christmas Trees of Pelkie Field” is also available to read on apps for Apple, Windows, and Android. You won’t find much more to buy this season for 99 cents!




One thought on “The Christmas Trees of Pelkie Field: A French Canadian Winter Tale

  1. Dave Bezotte says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful, heart-warming family story! It brought back some pleasant memories of my own experiences in the western Upper Peninsula. And I appreciate learning the origin of the “Pelkie” name. There’s a town by that name in nearby Baraga County and I was told that it was named after a French settler, but I hadn’t figured out the “Peltier” origin. My first Kindle experience has been a successful one – thank you!

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