Fierté means Pride


September 29, 2014 by LeVoyageur

5 thoughts on “Fierté means Pride

  1. Max Durocher says:

    Speaking of pride, I would suggest to you a political/historic website from Quebec from an organisation called La Fédération des Québécois de souche (F.Q.S.). It roughly translates to Federation of Old Stock Quebecers. It criticizes strongly third world massive immigration, multiculturalism, and civic-nationalism. Unlike the Parti Québécois it promotes a type of ethnic nationalism mixed with catholic heritage.

    According to them globalisation, and mass-immigration from non-European countries is a direct menace to the survival of French-Canadians in Quebec, the last bastion. They fear they will end up a minority in their own province, just like the Acadians or much like yourself by being diluted into a heterogeneous population from multiple origins, losing it’s capacity to politically defend its culture, language and interests.

    Have a look! I’ve been reading their site since I fell on an article speaking of les «Franco-Americains». I look upon Quebec as a place where French-Canadians are safe and sound, this site puts a whole new disturbing perspective to it… it also has a pretty interesting section on history, heroes, traditions and so on…

    here it is:

    • The Editor says:

      Thank you for the comment Max. I have looked into the site you left a number of times. While I sympathize with a great deal of their outlook and am all for reinforcing the values that I believe help define French-Canadian culture, I get a sense that as a gay man I would not be welcome in their organization.

  2. Max Durocher says:

    After your comment, I looked into it wondering what you meant, indeed they seem very critical of the LGBT movement. I found this article which explains their position on it which seems coherent, it’s all a matter of opinion I guess.

    From what I understand from their position (link below) is that the gay lobby and community fits into the multiculturalist ideal, (which they obviously oppose) that it helps deconstruct the nation, separates homosexuals, who are and should be part of the «nation» into a new one with a new flag, neighbourhood, values etc. just like it does with other communities. In other words the lobby pushes for auto-exclusion/differentiation to justify it’s own existence.

    « La communauté gaie en est un exemple parfait, où la majorité de ses membres sont issus de la société québécoise et font déjà partie intégrante de celle-ci, or le multiculturalisme et le progressisme les poussent à s’en détacher et à s’en démarquer en s’inventant une nouvelle identité, cette fois-ci sexuelle, avec ses propres quartiers, ses propres drapeaux, concepts et valeurs. »

    The site is obviously ideologically oriented, i’ll give you that!

    Found this also on the question:

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