The Fiddle: J’ai Passé devant ta Porte


July 14, 2014 by LeVoyageur

lyricsThere has been one song in particular on repeat in my head for several days, weeks actually. It may be because it was the last song I learned before my fiddle lessons ended back in March. The move across the ocean for a few weeks at home before relocating again to Australia necessitated the end of my music ‘studies’ in London.

It’s also quite a simple song to play. Of course, while it may be simple to play, playing it well is another story. I make no claims to such talents and luckily I have no desire for fame!

J’ai passé devant ta porte — ‘I Passed in front of Your Door’ … Also known as Mon couer t’appelle — ‘My Heart Calls to You.’ It’s a sad song about the passing of one’s true love. This waltz is part of the canon of Cajun music, sung by probably every musician in Louisiana at some point. There are innumerable renditions recorded, from Cléoma Falcon to Dewie Balfa and D.L. Menard to Feufollet.

I’ve heard that this song has transcended regional appeal and is known throughout North America. I can believe it and understand why. It’s a lovely, very traditional tune that tells a simple story of lost love. The sound of true ‘country’ music resonates the same in French as in English, the same in Louisiana or Quebec as in Tennessee. It is a song that I feel I actually play, rather than just practice. For me that is a sign of success, no matter how competently I perform it.

Now to find a new teacher for our time here in Sydney…



3 thoughts on “The Fiddle: J’ai Passé devant ta Porte

  1. My Deerboy says:

    Hi, I don’t get your time signature..3/4? Or 2/4?

  2. LaVagabonde says:

    Bonne chance on finding a new teacher in Sydney. 🙂

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