Environmental Stewardship and Cultural Values

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January 27, 2014 by LeVoyageur

Occasionally I re-blog to The Red Cedar a piece from Voyageur Heritage (http://voyageurheritage.wordpress.com/) the community blog I edit. Enjoy the fine writing of these interesting pieces contributed on the theme of the environment and cultural values.

Voyageur Heritage

The question “Is environmental stewardship a French Canadian or French Metis cultural value?” was presented to several people beginning last October. I am happy to present the following three short essays that answer the question in different ways. This topic came to mind while considering the many challenges that face the environment throughout the historic French Canadian and Metis settlement areas, particularly in the Great Lakes region.

Many communities in the Great Lakes today were founded during the fur trade, an industry and way of life which necessitated a healthy ecosystem. Likewise, many of those same communities today depend on commercial and sport fishing, hunting, and other outdoor recreation in addition to the preservation of our historical legacy for their well-being.

What is your view? Please add your own thoughts in the comments section below and take part in the conversation. —ed.

Greg NewmanEthical Coexistence with Nature


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