October 4, 2013 ‘Rendevous’ for French Canadian Heritage Day


June 6, 2013 by LeVoyageur

Cover to "Old French Songs of the Detroit River Region" by Marcel Bénéteau available at the Windsor, Ontario city giftshop (click on image)

Cover to “Old French Songs of the Detroit River Region” by Marcel Bénéteau available at the Windsor, Ontario city gift shop (click on image)

The petition campaign for a French Canadian Heritage Day reached an important symbolic benchmark this week with 500 signatures. While we will continue to collect signatures indefinitely, at this point we will move ahead with submitting the proposal to Governor Rick Snyder using the petition with all its wonderful comments, and the letters of support we have received as clear evidence of public support to make our case. The Ad Hoc Committee has coalesced around Friday, October 4, 2013 as the first heritage day.

Initially three dates were suggested, all during the Summertime. While these dates had the appeal of being already important in French Canadian culture (namely June 24 which is Quebec’s National Day/the Feast of St. Jean Baptiste and July 26 which is the Feast of Ste. Anne), one of our objectives was clearly focused on the heritage day raising awareness and providing an opportunity for education as well as celebration. Our concern that a day proclaimed and set during the Summer vacation period would get lost in the season.

October 4 is at the beginning of a period in which schools are in session and when traditional activities, such as homecomings, the hunting season, and harvest holidays are already on the calendar. Our hope is to take our place among these heritage celebrations, allowing time for schools to make use of this day in their curricula and for other organizations to make use of the day for programming.

In any case, Fall is a beautiful time of the year to celebrate our connection to our families, our communities, and our roots.

5 thoughts on “October 4, 2013 ‘Rendevous’ for French Canadian Heritage Day

  1. I am happy to have come upon the Michigan petition for a French-Canadian state holiday and your name as associated with it. I live in Northwestern Minnesota, teach French language and Quebec literature and society at the University of North Dakota. I do what I can in the Middle West to encourage greater appreciation for French-Canadian heritage and its study in the classroom. I do writing as time permits. I publish a magazine once a year. Would be very pleased to get to meet you. Do you ever agree to an interview by someone who would like to help others get to know you? Please let me know. I will be traveling through Michigan soon. Congratulations on names gathered. I encouraged many from MN to sign, as well as a colleague Jean Lamarre in Ontario. Best to you, Virgil Benoit

  2. Quelques mots en français seraient les bienvenus…

  3. Merci, James! Au plaisir de vous lire bientôt!

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