An American Home: 100 Years in Photographs


March 16, 2013 by LeVoyageur

The old photographs of my childhood home are like memories affixed to paper. Even those that were taken long before my own time there have become indelible images. I can almost hear the voices and see them all walking away after the camera clicks to their playtime, their chores, to Mass, to the school bus. The generations may have moved on, but the trees remain.

3 thoughts on “An American Home: 100 Years in Photographs

  1. Wow a short post but very poignant. The first photo shows trees cleared to make the farm & then ‘trees remain’ at the end . .

    • James says:

      I believe that those trees in the last photo were there at the time of the first photo. They would have been saplings more or less! Many a family picnic was held under those oaks and maples!

  2. Letizia says:

    If those trees could talk, what wonderful stories they could tell….
    Such wonderful photos and such a lovely post 🙂

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