A Change of Name: Red Cedar

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November 7, 2012 by LeVoyageur

No, not me. My blog. I’ve regarded my blog as a work-in-progress from the very beginning. The content has evolved in scope since I first started writing it in August 2011. While many of the early posts were about travel and events in the UK and France, particularly London and Paris, over the past 6-8 months I have increasingly moved toward other topics.

Today I write largely under the broad categories of heritage, identity, genealogy, spirituality, and creativity. Therefore, the title of Daily Returns, (originally Aller-Retour, then Day Return), does not really accurately describe the themes running throughout my blog.

So, in light of that I have decided on a name change, to Red Cedar. When I think of Michigan, the Great Lakes, the Northern US, the terrain where I grew up and where my ancestors have lived for generations, the cedar tree stands out in my mind as a constant, like the trillium or morel mushroom, like blueberries and white-tailed deer.

It’s the ‘hope chest’ that my sister had growing up and the little jewelry boxes and varnished plaques with witty sayings sold to tourists Up North. It’s the best kindling for the campfire and a great paneling to keep away the moths. It’s smell is among the most evocative scents I can think of, clean and energizing. It is a wood that has many uses, and a fixture in the landscape I know so well.

So, perhaps a little overdue, the evolution of my blog’s focus demands a new name, more descriptive – more me. I hope you continue to read and enjoy. Please update your links to my blog, if you have them, or your bookmarks to https://theredcedar.wordpress.com/.

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