Some Old Photos

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February 7, 2012 by The Editor

Instead of reading and writing this afternoon as I intended, I’m scanning some old photos I’ve taken over the years. I’ve never had a great camera, but my feeling about photography is that you can have the greatest equipment yet still take very mundane photographs. Some of the best pictures I’ve seen came from cheapo cameras that capture a moment as well as any. I’m not at all claiming that these of mine are great photographs or even really unique. They are just a few photos I took in the early 1990s of places I found beautiful in their own ways. Photography for me is about clarity, interpretation, and memory, sometimes all wrapped up in one, sometimes as unique elements. Whether you want to capture a moment, tell a story, or give your point view, a photo can be as powerful as any prize essay. The photos below are presented first as a slideshow, then each can be seen individually.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ann Arbor Winter

Ann Arbor Winter 2

McCoy's Market Ann Arbor

Division Street Apartment Ann Arbor

St. Paul's Cemetery Onaway

Wilderness State Park 1992


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