10 Things Americans Should Know About Québec


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How Do You Say ‘Otipemisiwak’ in French?


I am happy to be able to share this publication of mine on the online journal, Muskrat Magazine.

My Social Media Malaise


You know the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Our health is directly related to our diets. Of course you can be perfectly healthy and still eat junk food, but honestly — for how long? A year of fast food and high-sugar snacks, low on fresh anything, must lead to a host of problems. Social media is not all that different from our diets. What we consume has a direct impact on our lives. But instead of expanding waistlines and heart disease, social media’s impact is on our mental and spiritual states, rather than on our physical ones.

We even refer to social media in ways that are similar to how we refer to food. We “consume” social media. Our social media accounts have one or more “feeds.” Many people have written about going on a social media diet. What then is the social media version of obesity or of heart disease?

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